Improving access to care for CCBHCs through telepsychiatry partnerships

Explore what an innovaTel
partnership looks like.

Certified Community Behavioral Health Centers are critical to the delivery of mental health care and substance use disorder treatment. In an effort to further expand access to these vital care services, CCBHCs across the country have partnered with innovaTel to help grow their clinical teams, giving them access to remote providers that seamlessly integrate into their existing workflows.

Knowing what’s important to our CCBHC partners

Your needs are specific. And we get that. Our clinical team is made up of highly qualified providers with experience working with SMI and co-occurring patient populations, and includes MAT providers.

We also know the value of flexibility. Our tailored partnerships allow CCBHCs to work with innovaTel for full-time or part-time positions. And best of all, you and your team are involved in the interview and selection process. Positions include:

  • Psychiatrists serving as Medical Directors
    (starting as low as four hours per week)
  • Psychiatrists
  • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners
  • Licensed Clinical Social Workers
A proven process for CCBHCs

We credit our 95% provider retention rate to our unique and proven matchmaking model, coupled with our recruitment of highly qualified providers. When you feel your remote provider is just as much a part of the team as if they were there on site — we consider this a successful partnership. 

As leaders of CCBHCs, you’re an active participant in this partnership process:

  1. Identify your unique clinical needs.
  2. Your CCBHC interviews and chooses the providers that are the best clinical fit with your team.
  3. innovaTel’s implementation team works side by side with you to seamlessly integrate the remote providers into your team.
  4. The providers you choose hold a set schedule with your organization, become credentialed with your payers and document in your electronic medical record.
  5. innovaTel providers connect with your patients to match their needs, offering hybrid telehealth models where patients can connect at home or in an office setting.
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Success Package

Our CCBHC Success Package provides customized clinical support for organizations earning CCBHC designation, which the National Council recently noted as the “most effective way to eliminate barriers to care.” Discover solutions that:

  • Decrease wait times
  • Improve scheduling flexibility
  • Increase staff
Download our Success Package overview
“Ensuring everyone who needs care for a mental illness or substance use disorder can get it has always been challenging, but telehealth can help close that gap. Telehealth is here to stay, and organizations are rapidly implementing a hybrid model of healthcare delivery. innovaTel’s support for community behavioral health organizations through development of its hybrid model makes it easier for clinicians to meet local needs and support recovery. Making people and communities healthier is their passion and ours.”

Chuck Ingoglia, President and CEO
National Council for Behavioral Health

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